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Our Commitment

Our Committment

Catholic Cemeteries Association provides burials within a religious context, making statements about our tradition and those who have been significant in the evolution of that tradition both in our universal and local Church.

Our cemeteries are places which invite young and old to see death as a part of the larger pattern of life and to understand our burial ritual and religious traditions surrounding the death of a loved one.

Our cemeteries are places within which graveside services take place. The full utilization of the Catholic rituals surrounding death is encouraged, from the Vigil to the Wake, through the celebration of the Mass of Christian Burial in the parish church, to the gathering for the Committal Rites at the cemetery.

Why a Catholic Cemetery?

Planning your burial and funeral arrangements can be a very stressful process. It’s not a topic anyone enjoys thinking about, and the amount of options and choices is overwhelming. However, something that is an easy choice for any Catholic is to choose burial in a Catholic cemetery.

Catholic cemeteries are an extension of the Church itself, and therefore provide the blessings and sanctuary that the Church offers. By being buried in a Catholic cemetery, you remain a member of the Catholic community even through death. In fact, Catholic cemeteries perform the Spiritual Works of Mercy of praying for the dead, as well as the Corporal Work of Mercy of burying the dead. This assures that your physical body and soul will be prayed for and given the proper care in perpetuity.

Burial in a Catholic cemetery is a final act of faith, a witness to one’s belief in the resurrection and everlasting life.